I've been always creating visual art. Weird drawings as a kid, pencil sketch on the school books, comic book attempts as a teen - you name it. Still it took until the beginning of 2019 until I begun drawing - and painting - almost on daily basis. Even though I am still at the beginning of my more serious artistic journey and still searching my style, I think I've created some great pieces. Selfish, eh?

I have a lot of different influences. I love pop art, cartoons and silly & cute stuff, but at the same time I enjoy grotesque, macabre and fucked up bloody stuff - Ugly is sometimes beautiful. And it don't need to even be beautiful, it can still be cool. Some of my favorite artist are T. Putaansuu, Matt Groening, Nitecrawlher, yureiwomb and Hugleikur Dagsson.

My own art can be described with weird terms like dark art, dark surrealism, impressionism, contemporary and pop art. I use acrylic & watercolor paints, ink and a graphics tablet.