I used to make games when I was younger. A lot. Many of them were just bad attempts because I was too lazy to really focus on them and I just wanted to get them ready fast. That's why most of them are just bad copies of Game Maker examples or buggy FPS Creator attempts with stolen assets. If I could go back in time I would stop myself.

I also used to enjoy making Half-Life 2 maps. They were not great either, but at least they led me to modding. Unfortunately my both attempts, Hysteria and Hail to the Dead, were too ambitious for my skills and never got finished like many other better game projects that I used to work with.

Maybe one day when I'm more patient I might try again.


List of games:

The Airfighter 2010 (2010, Game Maker)

Castle Escape (2010, Game Maker)

City of the Death (2012, The 3D Gamemaker)

Gario Beta (2010, Game Maker)

Harmageddon (2010, RPG Maker 2003)

Harmageddon: Cave Explorer (2012, RPG Maker 2003)

Harmageddon: The Lost Isle (2012, RPG Maker 2003)

Harmageddon: Town of the Death (2012, RPG Maker 2003)

Pacghost 1 (2010, Game Maker)

Pandemia (2011, Game Maker)

Pandemia: Doomed Xmas (2011, Game Maker)

Rainy Day (2012, RPG Maker 2003)

Space Ship Alvue (2010, Game Maker)

Space Ship Alvue 2 (2010, Game Maker)

Unreleased stuff:

Gario: Back in Action (Game Maker)

Harmageddon 2 (RPG Maker 2003)

Heil to the Dead (FPS Creator)

Heil to the Dead (Source)

Hunter / Operation H.U.N.T.E.R. (FPS Creator)

Hysteria (Source)

Pandemia 2 (Game Maker)

Pandemia: ReBorn (Game Maker)

Psychotic Snowman: Killing Xmas (Game Maker)