Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter - Discography

Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter is a one-piece melancholic space rock project by Juho Saari. Based in Turku, Finland, and founded in 2020, Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter's music focuses in feminism, climate crisis and the daily life of millennials. The prequel album 'Ecostrophe' was released in December 2020 and even though it's more like a fancy demo than an album, it offers a good look on what's coming in the future. A-side of 'Ecostrophe' includes traditional rock tracks where as B-side is more dark, atmospheric and just simpler. During 2021 Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter is making a brand new song every month. Music is widely inspired by the artists like Red Vox, The Crash, Mars Volta, David Bowie, Lordi and The Rasmus.


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Digital: juhosaarimusic, JSS011, 2020.

CD: juhosaarimusic & Kunaki LLC, JSS011, 2020.


1. Ecotrophe, Act 1: Ameba Echoes (03:04)

2. I'm Never Gonna Be Like You (03:31)

3. Star (03:06)

4. Trolls (03:36)

5. Fireworks (03:42)

6. Ecostrophe, Act 2: Cornfield Disaster (02:18)

7. Trash (03:14)

8. Meaningless Life (03:38)

9. Party (If This Is How You Want Me) (03:50)

10. Circus (03:20)

11. Ecostrophe, Act 2: Industrialized Lobotomy (04:26)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

12. (NUMB)er one (03:44)

13. brokenbrokenbroken (03:28)

Music, vocals, guitars, bass, synths, piano & toy instruments: Juho Saari.
Samples: cupido-11, joedeshon, Sasola Burghard.
Recording and mixing: Juho Saari.
Mastered with LANDR.
Cover art: ''Untitled-7'' by Juho Saari, photo by Octoptimist, edited by Juho Saari.