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///accessing log...///

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///LOG ENTRY 001///

>> Spaceship JX6 crashed to the planet without living life. It was a world of green and blue, a world destroyed by humans a long ago. A world called the Earth.

It didn't took long before the spaceship were found by one of the creatures that habited the planet now. Zombie with a giant light bulb on it's head walked in wondering what the heck this metallic thing was. And because it was a a zombie, it kind a just forget to leave.

It took a long time, but somehow the zombie managed to fix the spaceship. It started by accidentally fixing the clock, and after years - or centuries - JX6 was ready to fly again. It just needed a crew.

Even though the zombie didn't understand much, it knew that this was its ship and it was ships captain. And so Light Bulb Zombie went back out to find a crew. <<


///LOG ENTRY 002///

>> Oh how the world had changed while Light Bulb Zombie were fixing the spaceship. It was a new time, time of the walking dead, and the zombies really did all they could to make this new age look like their own. All the remaining buildings were painted black and gothic, all most satanic aestehtics were ruling.

Zombies were not a great crew members, Light Bulb Zombie knew. Undeads spend their days having kinky sex and summoning demons, they were not astronauts. Then again it was unlive itself too, so what did it know about anything?

Surprisingly lot, in fact. Years spend inside JX6 had gave it a goal to achieve: it wanted to travel to the unknown worlds, not do dark rituals. <<


///LOG ENTRY 003///

>> Finally Light Bulb Zombie found it's crew. The Death itself were selling some of its slaves, and Light Bulb Zombie with all the two coins it had got to buy two (worst) slaves: Small dinosaur with lightning tattoo and duck with obsession to dubstep. Who said you can't buy friends? Well no-one in fact as Light Bulb Zombie were not searching for friends, it just needed a crew.

Unfrtunately its new crew had something else in mind than exploring. They wanted to party, not in the gothic ways of the undead but in the ancient rave style. And after a time even Captain Light Bulb Zombie got wasted with its two new crew members. Not what it wanted, but EDM music and beer stole the zombie away. <<


///LOG ENTRY 004///

>> The party just kept going on and on. At the some point the crew of JX6 got the perfect idea, and they decided to take all the bass from the Earth... to the Moon. And so they did.

Collecting bass was of course a very weird task, but they managed, and soon the Moon was bouncing by the music. The crew kept partying and drinking, and it led to some interesting adventures where they met martians, priests, lovers and even started to question the meanings of life and death - pretty much standard drunken stuff.

But even though they stayed together and had fun, the emptiness and loneliness were growing on each of the crew members. And that led them to finally boot up the engines of JX6 again to travel far away to the galaxies unknown. <<


///LOG ENTRY 005///

>> They went up and down, down and up through the wormholes and galaxies they've never even heard of. Finally the ship stopped, and so did the films they were watching during the flight. Still to this day Light Bulb Zombie cries during Juno.

They were in the middle of the emptiness, all alone and kinda sad. They had each others, but the long journey were starting to make them want they're own space. Even though they had all this Space all around them, they didn't have space for themselves. And for some reason Dub Duck started using condoms as hats, which disgusted others.

And then they saw it. The giant monster, made from the Space and Time itself, where flying in the front of them, ready to make everything worse. They tried to reboot JX6, but the ships engines were gone. The monster hit once and it hit hard. Everything went black. <<


///LOG ENTRY 006///

>> Spaceship JX6 and it's crew had travelled far away to unknown. Nebula's, new worlds, it all was behind them, all a round them and in front of them. And they were lost.

On one forgotten and ruined planet they found a computer person, who called itself DAV1D. It joined they're crew, and the ship was filled with weird music and sounds. And on Sundays it seemed that there were something haunting them.

The crew kept going, kept pushing to the new limits. But they also knew that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. <<


///LOG ENTRY 007///

>> They partied with the aliens. And they got lost in the void. The crrrzzzzzbzzz... ERROR <<


///file corrupted///