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I used to make (bad) games and Half-Life 2 mods when I was younger. One day I would like to go through those projects on a longer blog post, but until then here are some articles/blog posts that were published on my ModDB page(s) between 2010 - 2012.

Dec 30th, 2010

Operation H.U.N.T.E.R. official website

Operation H.U.N.T.E.R's new website is now in internet(of course it is in internet. Am I stupid or something?)

Hello our nine watchers, it's about week of last update. I don't have new pics, videos or anything, but I've something better: new website! (P.S; it's not ready yet...)

Visit Operation H.U.N.T.E.R's website (DEAD LINK)

Apr 11th, 2011

Operation H.U.N.T.E.R. R.I.P.

Operation H.U.N.T.E.R. is R.I.P., because I'm not gonna work wit it anymore.

Biggest reason for that is story; it reminded too much Half-Life... and it seems to me that the game would not bring anything new and different.

This was my first (and longest) game project, I've started it 2009 with FPS Creator, when its name was Hunter.

Here is first gameplay video ever:

Youtube (DEAD LINK)


(sry for bad spelling)

Jun 30th, 2011

Electro Games Finlandos forums

Electro Games Finlandos Forums are now open! Visit our Youtube-channel too!


Hey peoples, now you can write your own ideas, articles, reviews and discuss about everything that belongs to PC-games in Electro Games Finlandos Forums (DEAD LINK)

Visit our Youtube channel too(and don't forget to hit yellow button XD)

You can also join our Steam-group

PS: I.m working with HL2 mod, more info coming soon...

Dec 19th, 2011

Pandemia: Collector's Edition released!

Pandemia: Collector's Edition is now available to download. It includes latest version of Pandemia, brand new DLC Doomed Xmas and poster.

Doomed Xmas-DLC includes:

  • 2 new survival maps

  • one new enemy

  • new skin to Imp

  • Bossfight: you vs. DOOMED SNOWMAN!

Download links:

GameFront (DEAD LINK)

YoYo Games (DEAD LINK)

By the way, remember to visit at our updated website! (DEAD LINK)

Merry Christmas!


Mar 15th, 2012

Heil to the Dead turns to Source-mod

Heil to the Dead turns into Source-engine. I get bored with FPSC, cause there is problem that I cannot fix, which causes that FPSC crashes everytime I try to load httd_map2_apartments... and Source also makes possible that game/mod includes more and better scripts than FPSC. That allows me to make more story-elements and add more interactive NPC:s etc. I'm posting more news later, so stay tuned.


Electro Games Finlandos (DEAD LINK)

Apr 11th, 2012

More Gario?

I found Garios gmk-files from my hardware and I was just wondering do you guys would be interested if I make NEW, BETTER and LONGER Gario? With more better soundtrack also?

Comments here or in EGFs forums.

Apr 12th, 2012

Heil to the Dead - Zombie survival mod for HL2

Heil to the Dead is zombie survival mod for Half-Life 2. It aims to make realistic zombie mod with good story and large world.

Register to our forums so you can easily give your ideas and feedback to us!


May 2nd, 2012

Heil to the Dead Dev. blog

Heil to the Dead Dev. blog is now alive! It is the place where I will post my progress with mod, WiP pics, videos etc. Site is still under construction, but check it out!

Heil to the Dead Dev. Blog (DEAD LINK)


PS. Stop asking about Hysteria! I'm not working with it right now, cuz I don't have time to make two mods at same time. Oh yeah, we are still searching 3D-modellers.

May 30th, 2012

Back to work - maybe

Ok, let's start with the truth that I haven't done anything new to Hysteria for... half year? Not sure. I've been working with Pandemia and its DLC, Heil to the Dead, helping with Tom the Tomato and trying to get through this school year, so there was no time for Hysteria. In fact I don't have time in summer even, but it doesn't matter...

Original consept of Hysteria was that there is ruined hospital which is full of traps, crazy guy, ghosts, strange events etc. This video is good example:

Yeah, it looks like Nightmare House 2, and that's the main reason I stopped working with it. BUT, I get fantastic new style for Hysteria last year: Player is psychologist in small town. One day he gets customer, who says that something is following him, something... bad. He begins to get more customers who also speaks about that something is following them. Many people gives up and kill themselves, and others are going to move out of the town. But then happens something... bad.

There would be still crazy guy, don't worry :P

I have a poll, so you can vote your favourite, so I know what I'm gonna do when I get back to working with Hysteria. Also comments would be nice.

Theme of Hysteria?


PS: Hysteria and Heil to the Dead needs 3D-modellers. Contact me if you are interested!

Jun 25th, 2012

Pandemia: ReBorn is cancelled

Pandemias newest DLC, ReBorn is now cancelled. Reason is the really weird bug, that causes that you can't shoot. Tried to fix that for many weeks now, but nothing helped.

We're not releasing anything Pandemia-relatived stuff this year (maybe), so don't wait anything new. Pandemia 2 might come 2013... maybe.


Dec 31st, 2012

And again one year passed by...

It's again that time of year when we can enjoy nice sounds of exploding fireworks. It's also time to check out what EGF and JSG ha made & released.

I have to indiegamestudios, one with my brother and other for games that I'm making only myself. Let's take a look what I released in 2012:

Harmageddon: Enhanced Editon + 3 DLCs

I originally released Harmageddon two years ago, but this year I finally got it ''ready''. The original game got lot of updates and fixes, and I also made three DLC-campaigns including civil war and zombies. I've been working with Harmageddon 2 also, but more info about it in future...

Rainy Day

I made this little game in July, when I got inspiration to make something different. It's really short, but I tried that it would make player think what he/she should do in that kind of situation. I'm glad that it got so much positive feedback.

City of the Dead

I wanted to make something when the world were supposed to end, so I made this. ''Make it like a day Z for the ones that doesnt have a computer with enough capacity to run day Z''

Other releases:

Pandemia: Doomed Xmas (standalone version of DLC-campaign that were included to Collectors Edition)

Dragonov3D (sourcecode for engine that is used in Pandemia-series)

Sadly, there were also few games that got cancelled.

Gario: Back In Action

It were close that I'd released this, but finally I decided to cancel it. Or do you think that world needs another Mario-clone?

Heil to the Dead

In fact, this just turned from FPSC-game to HL2-mod, but it changed so much that I don't think it's same game anymore.

Pandemia: ReBorn

This were supposed to be second DLC to Pandemia, but it has very weird bug so you can't shoot. I didn't found a way to fix it so I cancelled it.

Psychotic Snowman: Killing Xmas

''A game you recently added to Indie DB (Psychotic Snowman: Killing Xmas) has just been archived and will not be shown to Indie DB members. PLEASE DO NOT RE-ADD YOUR GAME AS IT WILL JUST BE ARCHIVED AGAIN. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THIS DECISION READ ON AND REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND WE SHALL HELP YOU''. Yeah...

And the let's take a look what's coming in 2013:

Pandemia 2 is coming for summer, other release dates will be informed later.

That's all! For now...

Happy New Year 2013!


PS: 10 of our games are now available in Softpedia! (DEAD LINK)