Bedroom Sessions I-III

During quarantine (remember to wear your mask!) I've had time to go through my old hard drives which are full of JS demos and unfinished tracks. So a while ago I did this "Bedroom Sessions I-III" compilation album series to get those songs out of my system. They are available to download and stream on almost any major streaming service, BUT when you download the albums from Bandcamp you'll get a one-page behind the scenes thing for each one. These pages have some background stories of the songs and projects.

I: Visions

The first part of the Bedroom Sessions -series is a collection of unreleased tracks, b-sides and alternative mixes from 2012-2013.

II: City Nights

Second part of the Bedroom Sessions -series takes us through the unfinished album and song projects from 2014-2017, with a few leftover tracks from Thousand Times -sessions.

III: Music From My Funeral

Third installment of the Bedroom Sessions -series is in fact two unfinished album projects from 2017 and 2018, first one being a weird apocalyptic sci-fi adventure and the second one is a time capsule of songs from the beginning of 2010s, recreated in 2018.