Finncon 2020

My first con as an artist was... a little bit different.

Due COVID-19 situation, Finncon was virtual this year. I was kinda waiting for the con, but as the pandemic has been going on from the beginning of the year I already threw away my hopes of getting anywhere this summer. Thankfully somebody invented internet.

I was part of the Virtual Artist Alley, where artist could showcase their work - I submitted three of my digital painting there: ''precious'', ''Two travellers'' and ''Part of the Forest''. It was weird to see my own art at somewhere else than my own website or social media pages, and I hope that I got this chance again in some other virtual artist thing. It made my art feel more... real.

Other thing that was going on for me during the con was the Nova short story competition. I already knew that I made it to top 10, but I wasn't waiting to be as high as 7th - I was waiting for that 10th place. But to be honest, I don't really care about competition and places, I am just happy that somebody read and liked my short story ''Ruska''. The jury had some interesting stuff to say, as you can hear (only in Finnish though):

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Unfortunately I had no time to really check out the program, as I had other things to do and places to go, but maybe next year. I just hope that world doesn't end before that.