Melancholic Zombie's April 2021

So, my first art show is now done and it was... well, different. I held a virtual art showcase as a part of the Flights of Foundry 2021, which is a virtual convention for artists all around the world. I guess it went okay? To be honest, I had no time to check anything else that was going on during the FoF weekend and almost forget my own show too. But I heard that it worked and was interesting, so that's a success in my books.

I might do an another one during the summer with more art, but it depends on if I have time - it takes a surprisingly long time to build a virtual art showcase even when you're using a pre-made assets.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who visited my art showcase! I really appreciate it.

I'm doing a little ''rebranding''. I've been releasing music with my real name, Juho Saari, for almost ten years now, but lately I've been feeling that I need to do some changes. And now that Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter has been getting some attention as its my main music project right now, I've been ''secretly'' changing all the Juho Saari (or JuhoSaariMusic) releases under a new name - which is...

Melancholic Zombie. Yes, from now on all the old and new JS music will be released as Melancholic Zombie. It's a change that I've been wanting to do since I started uploading music to internet, and now I finally got enough guts (and time) to do that! I also remade most of the covers so now there's no-more random pictures that I took from internet. Eh.

My back catalogue is now also available on my website, though I haven't added first two EPs from 2013 yet. But they're coming.

And as usual, here's a brand new Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter song. One of the better ones that I've made so far.

Have I forgotten something? I'm not sure. Flights of Foundry was pretty much everything that happened in the April.


April Highlights


Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter:

Waiting for the Rain (in This Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland) (Single) Youtube

Melancholic Zombie:

Morning in the Hell (EP)

Something to Begin With (Limited Vinyl)

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Instagram: melancholiczombie

Twitter: melancholiczmb