Melancholic Zombie's August 2021

I'm one year older but not much wiser. Lot of things happened in August, here's few of them.

Most important and exciting thing was that my very first short story collection slash book, 'Rämän surkea seikkailu sekä muita kertomuksia', was finally published. It includes seven weird short stories that I've written during the last few years, like 'Ropotti,' 'Darulin kohtalo' and Nova-awarded 'Ruska' and also some previously unreleased stories. It's cool to finally have a real printed book with my own name on it and I can't wait to see where this writing adventure goes in the future.

I worked on 'Rämän surkea seikkailu sekä muita kertomuksia' most of this year. I did all the editing, graphics and layout myself and they turned out pretty good. Only minus is the fact that the covers are not centered as somewhere between my computer and BoD's printers something weird has happened. But that's okay, everything can't be perfect - and I can fix that on the next edition!

You can get 'Rämän surkea seikkailu sekä muita kertomuksia' from almost any online book store!

New Melancholic Zombie song and music video 'Birds I & II' was published! This was originally meant to be part of the new Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter project, but it felt more like MZ song.

Speaking of Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter, there is a new song (as usual). This one is weird melancholic space rock track inspired by Mars Volta and Red Vox with some Iron Maiden influences, and it goes with the name of 'Ghost'. I really like it as it's long, mid-tempo, has many parts and nice guitar stuff going on.

I also created a music video for 'Boys Don't Cry'. It's a little bit a silly one as it was originally meant to be a studio diary kind of a thing. I felt that this kind of video shows pretty well what it's like to do music on your bedroom with global pandemic going on, and in that way it's a nice little time capsule. It's not music video I was going to do, but it's a music video I made and you will enjoy it.

What else? Oh right, Macabre Dark Art Gallery is now closed for this year, thanks for everyone who checked it out! You also can and must join to my mailing list, there are instructions on the homepage.

In fact I also made a little game for this RPG Maker horror game jam. 'Apartment' is a short story about a guy who moves into a new house where spooky things begin to happen... You can download it from and try it yourself!

I think that's all for now - I hope I didn't forget anything important. There are some new and interesting projects on the way, so stay tuned!


August Highlights


Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter:

Boys Don't Cry (Music Video)


Melancholic Zombie:

Birds I & II (Music Video)


Apartment (PC)


Rämän surkea seikkailu sekä muita kertomuksia (Short story collection, Books on Demand)

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