Melancholic Zombie's December 2020 and this year in general

Happy New Year! I decided to try new thing with these monthly blog posts where I go through what I've been doing and publishing. This first one will be a little different as I'm taking a look also in this whole weird year.

December 2020

December has been quiet for me as I tried to wrap up few projects (like my master's thesis) before taking a little break. My ''award-winning'' short story 'Ruska' got published in the Kosmoskynä, but all my work for that was done months ago. I haven't really been doing any art.

Of course, the prequel album that no-one was waiting for was also released in December. I'm talking about 'Ecostrophe', a debut album of my newest musical project Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter. I really like that one and I'm already making a next one - there's also an EP coming out sometime next year. More about Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter and 'Ecostrophe' can be found here. Little JS single 's / sad symphony' got also released on Spotify, even though those two songs were already part of the Bandcamp release of 'others'. I just wanted people to be able to listen those songs even if they haven't bought the album.

I'm trying to do these monthly posts during 2021, but we'll see how well that goes as I'm still figuring this blogging thing. :D


I made a lot of thing this year: two albums, two of my short stories got published and I made a lot of art. I was also part of the Finncon which vas virtual this year. It was my first con as an artist as few of my pieces were displayed on the Virtual Art Alley and I got 7th place on Nova writing competition with my short story 'Ruska'.

I also published few short stories on my ''blog'' Melankolisen zombin pöytälaatikosta.

My fourth solo album 'others' was released in the beginning of the summer as I had time to do some instrumental songs during the quarantine - back then I didn't even thought it would be still going on. But thanks to that I was able to make 'Bedroom Sessions' compilation albums, which include JS songs that would not otherwise seen daylight. That was very important personal process for me. In December was time to release a debut album of my newest project, Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter, which I've been working for years in some way or an another. 'Ecostrophe' has been my most listened album so far just in a tiny weeny time, which is kinda unbelievable. I can't wait to find out what future holds for this projects.

2020 has been a year of art. I had so much time in my hands that it allowed me to try new things, finish older ones and just keep creating. I've been really enjoying that.


Here's some of my favorite art pieces from this year and links to buy them if you are interested. DevianArt is place for more traditional styled art prints and from RedBubble you can find all the fancy stickers, tote bags and even socks:

Ed (acrylic on canvas board, 16 x 22 cm) Etsy

Fungus and its flute (digital drawing) DevianArt | RedBubble

Ted (acrylic on canvas board) Etsy

Untitled-7 (digital illustration) DevianArt

precious (digital illustration) DevianArt | RedBubble

Part of the Forest (digital illustration) DevianArt | RedBubble

Victim 1-9 series (9 digital paintings) DevianArt

untitled (head) (acrylic on canvas board) Etsy

''I am lost'' (mixed media) DevianArt | RedBubble

How it feels to be sick (mixed media) DevianArt

Treehead (mixed media)

Dunes far, far away (mixed media) DevianArt


Juho Saari:

nightwalks (Single) Spotify

nightwalks (Music Video) Youtube

overwinterer (Music Video) Youtube

others (Album) Spotify | CD

Bedroom Sessions I: Visions (Compilation Album) Spotify

Bedroom Sessions II: City Nights (Compilation Album) Spotify

Bedroom Sessions III: Music From My Funeral (Compilation Album) Spotify

s / sad symphony (Single) Spotify

Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter:

Fireworks (Single) Spotify

Fireworks (Lyric Video) Youtube

Star (Lyric Video) Youtube

Ecostrophe (Album) Spotify | CD


Ruska (Short story, published in Kosmoskynä 2/2020)

Babushka (Short story)

Darulin kohtalo (Short story, published in Kuiskaus Pimeässä 1/2020)

Kuningatar ja sadisti (Short story)

Kuusi (Short story)

Pimeys (Short story)

Paka (Short story)

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