Melancholic Zombie's February 2021

Cookies! 🍪

Yes, I finished a game. A real game. It's called 'Cookie' and it's an adventure of one of my little creature who just wants to eat a cookie. You can download it here:

This was a small project I started last year as I wanted to for once finish a game from start to finish with all the assets made by myself. Back in the beginning of 2010s I used to make small Game Maker games and some Source maps and mods, but most of those were just made using ''borrowed'' materials and to be honest, they were bad. But 'Cookie' isn't like that. I made it with RPG Maker 2003, draw all the art and sprites, did the scripting and even composed a little soundtrack. I'm very happy about this project and especially I'm happy that I finished it. If I don't ever make an another game at least I can be proud of this one.

More information about 'Cookie' can be found here by clicking this cookie: 🍪

(NOTE: It's kinda funny that it took a month before somebody told me that the game file is broken... I'm gonna fix that soonish.)

I also finished some art pieces and now one more creature family is ready to take over the world... I mean they are ready to meet you all. This project started four and half months ago and I'm happy that it's finally over. Now I can try new things again - like painting for real. Though mixing ink drawings, digital painting and photography has been fun.

Second monthly Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter track is now released. It's the heaviest song I've made so far. I had fun recording this, but unfortunately it also reminded me why I tend to stay away from making heavier music: even though I love metal I have no idea how to actually make it. I'm not completely happy how this one turned out but at least I finished it.

It also seems that my audio interface is beginning to die as it makes everything sound ''boxy''. Or it couldn't handle heavy metaaaaal.

That's all for now - It's been quiet month for me. Keep your mask on and wash your hands and maybe one day we all can do something else than stay at home 24/7.

I'm going to announce something very cool soon. Stay tuned!


February Highlights


''My brain feels funny'', mixed media, 2489 x 3014 px.

It found a flower, mixed media, 2578 x 3660 px.

Bad Hair Day, mixed media, 2501 x 3399 px.

Disgusting, mixed media, 2406 x 3445 px.


Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter:

Song for Myself (Single) Youtube



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