Melancholic Zombie's September 2021

Thanks to everyone who joined my mailing list and sorry that I forgot to post about 'Lunch With the Groteskians' there. I'm very bad with this stuff!

And with that as a bridge to the next thing: 'Lunch With the Groteskians' is out now! You can download the game rom or free or you can donate few pennies if you'd like. This visual novel was made for the Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Jam and I think it turned out pretty giid and disturbing. It was very different to make comparing to other writing and game stuff I've made so far but overall it was pretty fun experience. I would love to have more choices in the story but due time and my own skills that was not possible. Maybe next time?

I announced a new Melancholic Zombie album entitled 'this time another night'. It will be released in 2021 - not sure when yet - and it's little bit different than the previous one, 'others'. This album will be heavy rock tracks with some solo synth stuff on top, and I think this album has a very interesting sound going on. It almost reminds my earlier records like 'Grrooveboogie'! Not so electronic and dull though.

By the way, there's some new CDs on Kunaki store.

September's Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter track is ''Let's Party Like It's the End of the World''. It's melancholic rock disco track with some progressive elements. It has everything you'd expect: nice bass line, gloomy vocals, funky guitars as well as disturbing and critical lyrics. It's a great song in my opinion and I hope you give it a spin.

Here are the rest of the RED & BLACK illustrations. You can find the whole series from my Instagram and/or DevianArt and soon from this webzone too.

What's next? Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid. I'm focusing on the music for a while as there's so much other things that need to be done outside my art so I don't think that there will be anything too surprising before 2022. But who knows?


September Highlights


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''Let's Party Like It's the End of the World''


Lunch With the Groteskians (PC)

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