Quarantine Diaries, Chapter I & Ordinary Living Dead - 2 New EPs out now

Happy Pride! New Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter EP 'Quarantine Diaries, Chapter I' is finally out. It took a lot of time to make and the result is some of my best music so far. EP is available as a digital download from my website or Bandcamp and also as a 12'' vinyl record! It should be also available on all of the major and minor streaming services.


Official website https://www.melancholiczombie.com/quarantine-diaries

Bandcamp https://juhosaarimusic.bandcamp.com/album/quarantine-diaries-chapter-i


Bandcamp https://juhosaarimusic.bandcamp.com/album/quarantine-diaries-chapter-i

Kunaki https://kunaki.com/VinylRecord.asp?ProductId=PX00ZDE77G

But that's not all! I also released another EP called 'Ordinary Living Dead', which was recorded in 2019 and were originally meant to be the first Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter release ever. Well, stuff happened but it's finally here for you to listen! Vinyl will be available at some point.

Fantastic cover art is by Eeva Pitkänen (www.instagram.com/theparanormalking/).


Official website https://www.melancholiczombie.com/ordinary-living-dead

Bandcamp https://juhosaarimusic.bandcamp.com/album/ordinary-living-dead

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