Writing stories is my favorite thing. Back in the elementary school I used to make the whole class laugh with my stupid little stories (think about Youtube Poops but in the written form) and from there I developed easily recognizable style. Silly stories about Captains who liked popcorn turned into apocalyptic, kafkaesque horror experiences with pathetic characters and posthumanistic themes. I'm working on with few novels right now and hopefully I finish at least one of them soon.

As much I enjoy writing, I couldn't imagine world without books (or in fact I can but I don't want to). Reading is the Best Thing Ever™. Here's few of my favorite authors: Stephen King (obviously!), Jeff VanderMeer, Eoin Colfer, Ursula K. Le Guin, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Terry Pratchett and Alastair Reynolds.

I write mostly sci-fi, post-apocalyptic and bloody horror stuff with huge emphasis on the fact that we are destroying this planet and its nature. Also I like to include robots. Robots are cool. I have released few short stories: ''Jäässä'', ''Ropotti'', ''Darulin kohtalo'' and my story ''Ruska'' got 7th place in the NOVA 2020 competition.